Hey, great to see you here!!!! I'm just wrapping up my degree in visual neuroscience right now. Most of my time is spent deriving extremely pleasurable insights about the way the brain perceives and interacts with our surroundings, using 'ordinary' yet powerful techniques of observation and introspection- tools with which we're all familiar.
In my working life, things are taken to a whole other level, so that instead of simply analysing behaviour and cognition from an external perspective, I've access to some truly mind-bending state-of-the-art neuronal recording techniques which allow me to observe and analyse spiking activity directly from the primate visual cortex.
  • DRAWINGS   displays pen drawings and water colour paintings, organised by location and subject matter;
  • THOUGHTS   has a list of my favourite books and observations;
  • RESEARCH   briefly describes my work;
  • TRAVEL   has descriptions of selected journeys; and
  • PORTFOLIO   showcases my web programming, graphic design, and filmmaking projects.
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